Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Teens

For a free screen or to set up an assessment for Eating Disorders Intensive Outpatient Therapy services, please contact our intake coordinator at 636-534-6071.

When adolescents are unable to make consistent progress in outpatient therapy or assessed as otherwise requiring a higher level of care, IOP may be an effective boost to regular outpatient services. The overall goal of our IOP for teens of all genders, ages 13 to 18, is to provide additional treatment to break patterns that are creating barriers to recovery while still within the family home. 

Many adolescents feel the eating disorder gives them control when, instead, the eating disorder is a cause of loss of control over behaviors basic to health. Healthy restoration of control over eating and health provides the foundation upon which further therapy and personal growth can occur. 

We design our IOP to help the adolescent with readiness to assume responsibility for healthy behavior as well as to offer support and strategies for parents. Often, teens who were initially fearful or resistant toward change gain new insight into their eating disorder while in the program. They develop the motivation to change and the coping skills to help manage symptoms, emotions, and body image concerns.

Treatment Approach

Our program is skills-based, utilizing principles from dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and radically open dialectical behavior therapy. We can provide additional intervention and supervision for teens who are struggling with mood, motivation, and anxiety that interfere with recovery. 

Before someone begins treatment, we conduct a confidential and extensive assessment to determine what level of care is appropriate. We make every effort to expedite intake assessments within 48 hours of calling our intake department.

Our staff members are experts in the field of eating disorders. Our experience, professionalism, compassion and ability to collaborate together means that you receive exceptional care. Our licensed therapists work with individual clients and families, and lead therapy groups, to ensure consistent quality and personalized treatment. If needed, we work closely to help facilitate transition to a higher level of care, such as residential treatment.

Program Features and Schedule

Our IOP is an intensive schedule designed to offer maximum support to achieve success at an outpatient level of care. Each IOP day consists of three hours of group therapy, including a therapeutic and supervised meal. We schedule additional therapy and nutrition appointments around these core groups. We expect parents to attend all individual nutrition and family sessions.

Outpatient weekly therapy utilizes evidence-based treatment. Our individualized group modules are designed to extend structure and accountability into the home environment. We incorporate anxiety treatment and planned exposure-response prevention interventions to help reduce anxiety related to food and eating disorder behaviors. We carefully design our IOP therapy groups to reflect current trends and research on treatment effectiveness. 

Adolescent Groups will meet 5 Days a week: Monday through Thursday from 5 – 8 pm; and Saturday 8 – 11 am.
Each client also will work with our dietitian within the first few days in order to develop a meal plan and will meet for follow-up sessions according to their individual needs. We expect a parent to attend this appointment.

The length of time that you spend in the IOP is highly individualized but a typical average is 4-6 weeks. In most cases, insurance companies determine length of stay based on your plan and their determination of medical necessity. 

We will make every effort to work with your insurance company to determine a length of stay that matches your treatment goals. In cases when you may wish to extend treatment days, private pay is an option. Learn more about the insurance we accept.

Upon completion of the program, we highly encourage teens to attend a weekly Recovery Group offered at our site. 

Involving Families in Treatment

IOP staff works in partnership with parents to provide empowerment and skills to move forward. Our family-focused approach includes time invested in each family including groups, one on one sessions, family sessions, phone calls and ongoing advice and guidance available to all families. Daily treatment serves to extend the recovery support that parents provide in the family home. The Adolescent IOP Program includes an additional Parent Only Group on Wednesday evenings and a Multi-Family Group on Saturday mornings. We recommend parents and other caregivers or adult family members attend the Complimentary Family Workshop to learn about eating disorders and how to help.

Working with Existing Providers

If you are currently working with an outpatient treatment team, you are welcome to take advantage of our services that may not be available in a traditional outpatient setting. We look forward to collaborating with your outpatient provider(s) and physicians.

We also expect individuals who attend our IOP to be working with a physician who will monitor their physical health. Prior to admission, an evaluation and physician statement is required stating that clients are medically stable and able to participate in outpatient treatment. Please review and print the Adolescent Medical Clearance Form and the Adolescent Lab Recommendations for your physician to complete. If you do not currently have a physician, our program can assist in finding physicians to work with you.

We’re Only a Phone Call Away

If you would rather reach our Intake Coordinators by phone, please call 314-289-9411 to discuss appointment scheduling if you or a loved one may be experiencing a mental health issue. For additional questions about our programs, you can also use our online contact form.

In the case of a medical emergency or crisis, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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